About Us

Established in 1994, Palmetto EAP focuses on helping Employers home-based in the Carolinas.

Our Mission

We work to increase an employer’s productivity by helping identify and resolve issues affecting employee wellness and organizational health.

Our Belief

Most workplace problems can be resolved successfully through the variety of services we offer.

We work with Employers who want to positively impact their bottom line and who recognize that their most important asset as a company is a healthy workforce.

Our employers also recognize that human resource problems must be addressed with compassion, consistency and sometimes disciplinary action. We work with Employers to get that balance right.

Whether you are a large Company, a Government Agency or a small Family Owned Business – it is the desire of Palmetto EAP to help you with your troubled employees.

Our Dedication

With 24 hour access to the EAP Consultant, getting help is easy. We know it is hard to call and ask for help. We get it and we will be there for you.